Setup Google+ login button

  1. Visit the Google Developers console
  2. Create project to manage logins.
  3. After creation go to Api & Services -> "Library"
  4. Find "Google+ API" and enable it
  5. go to Api & Services -> "Credentials" and give your credential a name
  6. Then create a credential secret
  7. Choose OAuth client ID credential
  8. Click Web application radio
  9. Fill fields with next data
  10. Input the Authorized JavaScript origins and Authorized redirect URIs, then click button "Create"
  11. Your Redirect URL

    ' . HTTP_CATALOG . 'index.php?route=extension/d_social_login/callback&hauth.done=Google

    Your Redirect URL for HTTPS

    ' . HTTPS_CATALOG . 'index.php?route=extension/d_social_login/callback&hauth.done=Google

  12. Copy Client ID and Client secret and fill in the Client Id and Client Secret in the Social Login settings tab for Google+


If you get an error from google, or a white screen- please check that you compleated all the steps.

  1. Go to App settings in google dev console.
  2. Go to tab APIs & auth and then to Consent Screen
  3. Fill the required fields as shown on the image below
  4. Save and wait for several minutes for the Google api to refresh its data then test the login.
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