Social login lets you implement login buttons of the most popular social networks in the world. With the new version you get more options. When updating, check the instructions manual.

Set up buttons

  1. You will need to go to settings and set up the buttons App id and secrets for the social logins you want to use.
  2. Sort them and check the checkbox for those that should be shown
  3. Once you have edited the settings, use the module tab to place the buttons on the shop like any other module.

How to edit language

Our module uses the basic language process. There is a language file in catalog/language/english/module/d_social_login.php. You can create your own languag file and update the languages.

Why do some social logins require an email?

Some social networks do not provide the email from the profile, like twitter and vkontakte. Since opencart requires an account to have at least have an email, when the client uses one of such login buttons, he will be redirected to a page where he will be asked to add an email.

What is the last Popup screen?

Signing in with social networks is cool, yet it provides very little information about the customer. You mainly get the name and the email. And some networks do not even provide the email. For these cases you have an extra step at the end of the registration. It only pops up when the customer logins for the first time. You can customize it to fit your design - change the background image, add the fields you really need (all of them will be required, so think twice before activating them.)


If you have issues with setting up the module, try these steps:

  1. Important if Updating from older versions!

    We have rethought the process of logging. This is why we have changed the callback urls which solved alot of issues. But now you must reset the callback urls for some of the social logins. If you social login is not working - its probably the callback url.

    ' . HTTPS_CATALOG . 'd_social_login.php?hauth.done=Google

  2. Check that your newly created App is activated. i.e. facebook keeps new apps deactivated and Twitter needs extra checkbox to allow social logins.
  3. Check that you have access to your callback path - visit ' . HTTPS_CATALOG . 'd_social_login.php. You should see this text HybridAuth Open Source Social Sign On PHP Library. If you do not see it - try adding permissions 755 or 777 to your folder ' . HTTPS_CATALOG . 'catalog/model/d_social_login/
  4. Give it 1 hour to refresh the cache on the social network side and try again.
  5. Send us a support ticket at

My social logins stopped working after update

Thats ok. We have changed the process to add more social logins. You apps will start working in no-time. Simply follow the updated instructions on how to set up social logins.

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